Malowanie tworzyw sztucznych
Smaller orders or unusual details in terms of shape or requirements are varnished on manual lines. The booths are equipped with a high-end ventilation and filtration system, which ensures the purity of the process.

Manual lines

We employ over a dozen experienced painters who have been working for us for many years. This is one of the most important factors affecting the repeatability and quality of painting. Each project is assigned a permanent group of painters who are experienced in it and carry it out with each order, thanks to which the customer's requirements are well known and met, and the process itself is much more efficient.
Manual painting allows you to apply a greater variety of coatings and reach corners and surfaces that can sometimes be inaccessible to painting robots. On our manual lines, we varnish in a one-, two- and three-layer system, we apply every type of liquid varnishes available on the market. We obtain various visual effects (gloss, metallics, mats, chameleon, etc.) and tactile effects (suede, rubber, rough, structural, smooth).
The quality of manual painting depends not only on the experience of painters, but also on the good preparation of details and the conditions in the spray booth. Before varnishing, all details undergo the process of blowing off and zeroing the electrostatic charge to remove any contamination and prevent pollen from sticking to the varnished surfaces. The spray booths are fully air-conditioned, with humidity control and a very good filtration system, thanks to which we achieve cleanliness and even paint spillage.

See our projects divided into types of varnish coatings.

Lakierowanie zamszowe, powłoka aksamitna, metalik

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