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We have been in business since 2002. In that time, we have lacquered tens of millions of details, making up several thousand different projects. This gives us and our clients a significant competitive advantage. Expertise in lacquering is acquired over time. Experience our expertise.
We specialize in wet painting of plastics and metals; we apply a wide range of coatings (including suede/soft-touch, UV, metallic, and various levels of gloss, etc.).
We accept medium and high-volume orders - tens of thousands of details per production run. We implement such projects on automated production lines.
Orders with lower volumes and nonstandard shapes are painted on manual production lines.
We provide painting services to the appliance, medical, cosmetic and other industries.
We carry out free paint trials, analyze the customer's needs and, on this basis, advise on the optimal paint decoration.
We have been with you since 2002

Our specialty is varnishing plastics and metals.

Colours and finishes

We have gained experience in one, two and three layer coating with different finishes – e.g. metallic, soft touch, rubber, gloss, texture/structure finish and others. Below you can find examples of different finishes.

Robot Fanuc / Wagner

We specialize in painting for business clients – projects with high volumes (e.g. 13 000 knobs per one shift). Most of of clients produce household equipment, medical and electric accessories. Each year we paint more that 7 mln elements – on both manual and automated lines.

Manual lines

Projects with lower MOQ and elements with non standard shapes are painted in two-station and three-station painting booths designed for manual painting. Both manual lines are equipped with full control of conditions that are critical to quality - very efficient, multi-staged filtration system, air-conditioning etc.

Sputtering / PVD

Our main path of development is focused now on a project called “Implementing innovative technology of physical vapor deposition vacuum process used to deposit thin metal film on polymer surface”. This technology uses a method called sputtering to metallize plastics (e.g. ABS, ASA, PBT, PA6 and others) with different metals (e.g. gold, silver, titan, chrome, silicon, aluminum) and their compounds.

UV coatings

We have started a project (UE co-financed) called “The purchase of a painting line with software and the expansion of a production hall in Ostroróg in order to implement innovative painting technology”.

Sample painting

We carry out free paint tests in accordance with the customer's requirements. We present various variants of price offers for serial productions to help the customer choose the optimal version. Feel free to contact us!

Experience in varnishing


Lacquered details per year

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ISO 9001 certified since

Join the group of satisfied customers and experience quality

Qualified staff with many years of experience who advise and supervise the painting process. Check our quality, technical advice and prices.

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We carry out orders on the B2B market, we do not accept orders from individual customers.

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