We specialize in varnishing plastics

We have been operating continuously since 2002. From the beginning, our main activity has been wet painting of plastic elements (ABS, PBT, PBT+GF, PP, ASA, PC, PVC, PS, PA, PET) and other materials with high aesthetic requirements (black steel and stainless steel, ZnAl , aluminum and others).
From 2021, we have extended the scope of our services with UV varnishing. It takes place on a fully automated painting line, on which we carry out orders, e.g. for the cosmetics industry (packaging, caps) and household appliances (knobs).
As one of the few, we have implemented PVD vacuum metallization - replacing electroplating. We can apply metals in their purest form (e.g. zero-valent chromium - fully environmentally friendly) on various substrates.
We advise at every stage of the project - from product design to improving its properties after implementation on the market.
We provide painting services for clients from the following industries: large and small household appliances (Amica, Indesit, Whirpool), cosmetics, medical, automotive and others.
We have the ISO 9001:2015 certificate. Since 2009, we have been audited every year to confirm that we meet high quality standards of our services.
We work on high-class painting equipment - Wagner, Kremlin, Fanuc and others.
Działamy nieprzerwanie od 2002 roku, co rok zwiększając liczbę lakierowanych detali

Location of the production plant

The paint shop is located in Wielkopolska - in the town of Ostroróg, about 40 km north-west of Poznań.

We use automatic and manual lines for painting

We implement high-volume projects on modern, robotic painting lines.
Fanuc/Wagner automated line - conventional painting

The line is equipped with a Fanuc painting robot with the Wagner application, a fully air-conditioned painting booth with humidity and temperature control. All components of the line are connected with a modern power & free conveyor by Caldan. We carry out repetitive, high-volume orders here, e.g. doors from washing machines for a European company in the household appliances industry.

UV automated line

In 2021, we launched a fully automated line that gives the possibility of applying light-cured (UV) varnishes. The line has been designed for high-performance varnishing of nut shapes (e.g. lids / caps for cosmetics, household appliances knobs, furniture knobs and other details similar in shape). We can also apply conventional (thermosetting) varnishes thanks to the high-quality zone with IR radiators and an additional chamber dryer.

Manual lines

For smaller orders or non-standard requirements or shapes, details are varnished on manual lines. We employ over a dozen experienced varnishers who have been working with us for many years, which guarantees the stability and repeatability of varnishing.

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We use paint products from leading European manufacturers - e.g. PeterLacke, Akzo Nobel, Lechler, Celliose and others. At the customer's request, we also cooperate with other varnish manufacturers. We adapt the paint system and materials to the customer's requirements - visual, resistance, quality. We cooperate with laboratories of varnish manufacturers and with accredited laboratories testing the resistance of varnish coatings.

We operate on the basis of signed individual agreements with clients or in the absence of such agreements – on the basis of the General Terms and Conditions of Cooperation. Please read them.


We are ECO

We invest in renewable energy sources - we have two photovoltaic installations that supply electricity to our production halls. We are planning further investments in such energy sources.
Our latest automated varnishing line is adapted to apply 100% UV varnishes - without the addition of thinner, and therefore without VOC emissions.
The co-owner of the company is actively involved in consulting in the field of environmental protection, also advising friendly companies in this area. The knowledge gained in this way is translated into actions limiting VOC emissions to the atmosphere (selection of paints, varnishing with solvent and water paints), investing in equipment reducing the impact of the paint shop on the environment.
We use devices that reduce gas consumption in production and reduce VOC emissions (reducers, multi-stage filtration systems, recuperators).
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