Suede finishes - soft touch and rubber coating

Our offer includes velvet to the touch, suede - soft touch and rubber finishes. Our technology allows them to be applied in one or two layers. This determines the type of material from which the raw detail is made (various plastics, glass, ceramics, elastomers, metals), or additional customer requirements. In this technology, we use colorless and colored varnishes, developed especially for the needs of our customers by laboratories of the world's largest paint and varnish manufacturers. We can boast many years of experience in obtaining those coatings that are considered the most difficult to obtain on the market. This is one of our flagship processes, implemented for e.g. medical industry. This guarantees the highest quality and satisfaction of our customers.

UV coatings (light curing)

Examples of coatings made on an automated UV varnishing line (light-curing varnishes). They are characterized by high resistance - both to chemicals and abrasion, hardness of the coating. The process itself is very efficient, the line is adapted to nut, oval and other shapes, which can be varnished by rotating the details around their own axis. The most popular UV coatings are matt, satin, semi-matt, semi-gloss and high gloss. Both colorless and colored. Often, UV varnishing is also combined with the metallization process - for example, covering brass with high-gloss varnish to prevent the oxidation process. Another example - applying a colorless satin varnish on a metallised coating to obtain the effect of satin metallization.

Metallic grains of various sizes and densities

Metallic varnish coatings are one of the most popular decorations in our industry. Few, however, know that it is possible to choose the type and size of metallic grain. We carry out orders for this type of finish every day, hence we have a very wide selection of metallic paints in stock. It is also possible to choose a paint created according to the customer's specification or created specifically for the presented requirements regarding appearance, touch and resistance.

Finish typical for the household appliances industry - INOX and SILVER

Our main clients are concerns from the household appliances industry (including Amica, Indesit and Whirpool). We have a variety of paints in stock with the most popular inox and silver finish - various sizes of metallic grain, shades of paint, degrees of matt / gloss.

Mirror and satin finishes including chrome plating, brass plating

This modern process uses the sputtering method to metallize various coatings: glass, plastics (including PP, ABS, ASA, ABS/PC, PBT, PA6 and others), metals and ceramics with various metals. The PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) process is similar to ordinary vacuum metallization, but it provides much greater possibilities. This technology enables the application of metals other than aluminum (e.g. titanium, brass, copper, chrome, stainless steel, aluminum) and reactive chemical compounds of metals, e.g. titanium oxides - as a result, colored mirror coatings are obtained. It is possible to obtain coatings made of, for example, satin stainless steel - the appearance of the detail changes dramatically, from, for example, black ABS plastic to stainless steel. This technology is ideal for metallization of glass surfaces - including brass plating, copper and chrome plating of glass for the lighting industry. In 2021, we added a complementary service for vacuum metallization - we purchased a fully automated UV line that allows you to secure protective metallized coatings.

Imitation of metals - liquid varnishing

Some customers prefer coatings similar in appearance to metal, but with a slightly different shade. Many are also looking for an alternative to electroplating or vacuum metallization - a single-layer finish, cheaper than the mentioned processes. Coatings imitating metals can be applied to a variety of substrates - both plastics and aluminum, ZnAl, black steel, glass. What matters is what end result we want to achieve. If close to mirror - the substrate should be perfectly polished, preferably metal. For example - furniture legs visible in the pictures below. If the satin effect - here we have a wider room for maneuver. Satin looks very good on details after brushing, but it can also be applied to other substrates.

Different degrees of gloss

This type of detail finish is one of the most difficult to obtain in terms of cleanliness and good paint flow. This requires maintaining perfect sterility of the spray booth and high-quality raw detail. We are able to choose the degree of gloss at the individual request of the customer. We have various technologies to obtain this finish. We can apply single-layer painting (lacquer with a factory-selected degree of gloss) or two-layer painting - by applying a second layer - a colorless protective varnish.

Textured finish - rough to the touch

For the heating and automotive industries (no photos due to confidentiality agreements), we use structure-type finishes - rough to the touch, with various degrees of gradation. In addition to obtaining a non-standard surface of the product, this finish helps to hide or reduce the visibility of plastic defects such as injection points, scratches, flow lines and others.

Colors (including chameleon) and resistances

To meet the needs of our customers, we select colors according to their templates or the RAL color palette. We also agree resistance requirements with the client and test coatings before their implementation (including tests for chemical and temperature resistance, coating hardness, susceptibility to scratches, etc.). In cooperation with the laboratories of leading paint manufacturers, we are able to select the appropriate resistances and color, gloss level, density, metallic grain size and many other parameters. We advise on what to pay attention to so that the ordered coating is optimal in terms of quality/price. We współpracy z laboratoriami wiodących producentów farb jesteśmy w stanie dobrać odpowiednie odporności oraz kolor, stopień połysku, gęstość, wielkość ziarna metalicznego i wiele innych parametrów. Doradzamy, na co zwrócić uwagę, by zamawiana powłoka była optymalna w stosunku jakość/cena.

Metal and glass varnishing

We varnish not only plastics, but also details made of aluminium, ZnAL and black steel, which require a very aesthetic finish, often impossible to obtain by powder coating. We use anti-corrosion primers and paints dedicated to metals. We have also added glass varnishing to our offer - on manual lines and an automated UV line.
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