Montaż wsporników po lakierowaniu
We offer complementary services for painting - before or after the painting process, we can assemble the elements entrusted to us, complete sets, pack according to the customer's wishes.

Assembly and packaging

For some projects, we receive details for production from companies indicated by the client - for example, an injection molding plant. Such a supply chain (bypassing the customer) brings a lot of savings.

Sometimes it happens that several elements have to be assembled before varnishing, and then they are subjected to decorating processes together.

Other times, the assembly is done after varnishing - the example from the photo shows a household appliance handle made of aluminum (with a semi-gloss varnish applied by us), to which we mount a black plastic bracket. Our customer receives such a set and can directly transfer it to production.

We agree with the customer how to pack the varnished details. If the project does not require additional activities at the customer's, we pack it in the target packaging and stick the final labels so that they are ready for launch on the market. 

The customer is only responsible for random quality control of the entire product batch, without the need to repackage, stick additional labels, etc.

See our projects divided into types of varnish coatings.

Lakierowanie zamszowe, powłoka aksamitna, metalik

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