What is chrome plating?

Chrome plating of metal elements, glass and plastics is quite a complicated process of applying a chrome coating that is resistant to damage, external factors and scratches. Chrome metallization is also carried out to improve the thermal properties of a given product – not only for aesthetic reasons. The standard chrome plating process by galvanization involves immersing parts in tubs filled with a chromium salt solution, which is heated to several dozen degrees Celsius. An alternative is chrome plating through PVD metallization, which we offer. What exactly is chrome plating and where is it used? See our guide!

Chrome and brass plating – is it safe?

The chrome plating process is safe, but only when PVD metallization is used, not galvanization. Zero-valent chromium is used for metallization. The hexavalent version (used in galvanization) is harmful to health and dangerous to the environment.

In our BIT Industrial Paint Shop, we only use zero-value chromium, so we operate safely and apply very thin coatings of pure metal. It guarantees maintaining the high aesthetics of chrome parts as well as the long-term durability of the coating.

Pure chrome – why is it worth choosing such a coating?

There are many factors that determine the profitability of the decision to apply a zero-valent chromium coating to individual elements. The key advantages of chrome PVD coating are:

  • full application security,
  • repeatability,
  • ecology,
  • possibility of adjusting the coating thickness,
  • uniform deposition,
  • wide range of coating finishes.

Overall, the PVD chrome plating method is a preferred solution, especially in industrial applications. Here, the chrome application process takes place cold, without the use of water or chemical emissions. This guarantees a high level of safety, profitability of production cycles and low costs of using the raw material needed to make a chrome or brass coating.

Where are chrome plating services useful?

Professional application of chrome coating to metal elements and more works well in various industries: automotive, electronics, telecommunications, furniture, production of electronics and household appliances. It is also worth adding that chrome coatings are often used for the production of home fittings.

The classic chrome plating process can be harmful to the environment and human health. Additionally, it generates quite high costs of order execution, which translates into the profitability of applying such coatings.

Fortunately, nowadays you can opt for chrome plating using the so-called cold chrome. Thanks to this, the chrome surface is created without the use of high temperatures and generating numerous chemical wastes in the form of vapors.

How much chrome plating costs – summary

The total costs related to chrome plating, nickel plating or brass plating of steel elements and others depend primarily on factors such as: technical condition of the elements submitted for chrome layer application, surface, and the selected chrome plating method.

Of course, the larger the order and the more difficult the material to cover with chrome, the higher the price of the service. However, zero-value chromium, which is safe to use, guarantees perfect durability of the coating and excellent aesthetics. It is worth investing even more money in such solutions, especially if what matters most is the impeccable quality of the surface.

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