Velvety soft touch – a revolution in topcoats


Nowadays, only a paint shop that constantly takes new paths, develops and improves technological processes can offer innovative solutions. Many years ago, our new client asked us to develop coatings that would be soft to the touch and at the same time hide minor imperfections in the material. Since this implementation, which turned into several years of cooperation, we have become pioneers in applying soft-touch coatings. Currently, we can boldly call ourselves specialists in this field. However, we are not slowing down and are constantly adapting the technology to be able to apply this coating to new details made of various materials.

What effect does soft touch varnish give?

It is an extremely delicate, velvety finish. To the touch it resembles suede, velvet or peach skin. The surface varnished with this type of product is unusual and very pleasant to the touch. This type of measure is one of the sensory marketing tools – we influence the customer’s various senses, in this case touch, which may subconsciously encourage the consumer to purchase such a product. Additionally, the visual effect also constitutes a significant added value – instead of the typical matte finish, the recipient notices the softness of the product at first glance. All this thanks to the characteristic refraction of light and lack of reflection.


Being a pioneer for many years meant that we were often the ones who indicated the direction of development not only for the paint industry, but also the direction of our clients’ projects. We took an active part in proposing and developing patterns of decorations that later dominated the market for many years. After the boom in shiny, luminous surfaces, all kinds of matts came into fashion. Soft touch varnish was a great response to this demand and appeared more and more often in orders from our customers. Currently, orders for such a coating constitute approximately 30% of our total production, and the demand increases every year.


Application of soft touch varnish requires experience. What differs significantly is the method of spraying such varnish, including the appropriate pressure and flow parameters, but also the level of mixture dilution, appropriate flash-off and drying conditions. We have many years of experience in this field, and we lacquer suede varnishes every day on one or two varnishing lines, hence we guarantee high quality and repeatability of this service. The standard deficiency level is 1-2%.


Soft touch varnishes can be applied on various substrates, both synthetic and absorbent (on the base or directly on the part). Currently, we varnish elements made of various materials (ABS, ABS/PC, PP, PBT, PBT+GF and others), metals (stainless steel, aluminum, black steel, ZnAl) and glass. Thanks to their high resistance (to scratches, cracks, chemicals), they are used in various industries, such as: medical, sanitary, lighting, household appliances, and automotive. This surface does not require further coating, e.g. with protective varnish, as it provides sufficient protection in itself.

Additional benefits

Customers also appreciate velvet coatings because they are good at hiding minor defects in raw parts, such as slight matting, delicate flow lines, different material structures, etc. Many coatings make defects even more visible – such as all kinds of glosses or metalization coatings. Soft touch works the other way round – the soft fluff that forms the coating allows you to visually hide many defects.

We invite you to make free paint samples, thanks to which you will be able to see the advantages of soft-touch coatings on your own products.

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