UV varnishing – durable coatings for years

Paint coatings hard as glass? Resistant to chemicals, alcohol, weather conditions? Used in the most demanding industries and conditions? If these are your requirements for the product, UV varnishing is the perfect solution.

Traditional painting of plastic components is based on conventional varnishes – thermally hardened. Such coatings become more resistant over time and can usually be tested 10 days after painting. It is currently the most popular type of coating due to its universality and ease of application.

Less popular, but taking the market by storm, are light-cured varnish coatings. They are characterized by very high durability from the first moments right after varnishing. UV lamps are used to fully harden them – it takes just a few seconds and the coating gains its final form and resistance.

Why are they less popular? Painting plastics with UV varnishes requires an automated painting line for a narrow range of part shapes. Most often, painting lines are built strictly for a given project or for similar shapes.

Our UV painting line is intended for painting caps, knobs, small bottles, furniture handles and other small shapes that are rotated around their own axis during painting. All processes except putting and removing parts are fully automated. This ensures not only repeatability of production, but also high efficiency – tens of thousands parts per shift, depending on the size of the part.

Currently, UV varnishing is mainly used in the cosmetics industry (caps for perfumes and creams), the automotive industry (car interiors) and the packaging industry (including bottle caps and the bottles themselves). This technology can be used to cover a variety of substrates – PP, ABS/PC, PET, SAN and others. Another new thing recently is painting surlyn. High-gloss UV varnishing, various matte finishes, colors, pearlescent and many other effects – we encourage you to take advantage of free trials and see how beautiful and durable UV coatings are.

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