Surlyn – what kind of raw material is it? How is it used in cosmetics?

Companies producing cosmetic packaging are constantly investing in modern technologies that enable cost optimization. But that’s not all. Currently produced boxes and bottles and closures for cosmetic products are increasingly made of surlyn. What is it and how can it be used to produce cosmetic packaging? You will learn this from the article below.

Surlyn in a nutshell

Surlyn is an ethylene ionomer, i.e. a plastic that is used primarily in the cosmetics industry. This raw material can be used to produce cosmetic packaging characterized by excellent transparency and resistance to mechanical damage. Additionally, it perfectly imitates glass – in addition to being transparent, it has the right mass, making it a perfect replacement for, i.e., branded perfume caps, which are often made of glass.

It is a material that provides unlimited possibilities for shaping  and subsequent post-production of packaging for cosmetic products. It is worth adding that this polymer can be dyed in any color. That’s not all, because surlyn is a chemically neutral material – so it can be used as a replacement for glass bottles used in cosmetology.

Can surlyn be painted?

Ionomer resin is a material that is characterized by excellent transparency, making it a good replacement for glass packaging in which, for example, perfumes and other cosmetics in liquid form are placed. Ready-made surlyn packaging can be painted in professional advertising and industrial painting plants – we are one of the few companies that have developed the surlyn painting technology. Ready-made forms of surlyn packaging can be wet-varnished – in one or many layers. Not many European paint shops can select the technology to ensure perfect adhesion. We have such expertise and we invite you to perform free painting trials with us. Moreover, surlyn does not react chemically with acrylic varnishes, so the surface of the packaging can be fully protected with a clear varnish.

Advantages of surlyn – why is it worth using it in the cosmetics industry?

The list of advantages of ethylene ionomer is really long. An important distinguishing feature is not only the transparency and weight of the created packaging, but also resistance to scratches and breaks. Other factors that distinguish surlyn as a raw material used to produce packaging in the cosmetics industry are:

  • low costs associated with packaging production – surlyn is up to several dozen percent cheaper than many raw materials used in the cosmetics industry, including glass,
  • unlimited possibilities of designing packaging and vials for cosmetics, because surlyn can be formed into any shapes and sizes,
  • wide possibilities in terms of coloring the material – ethylene ionomer can be transparent, fully colored or colored only on the edges,
  • surlyn can be easily combined with metals.

Additionally, surlyn packaging enables the preservation of appropriate physical and chemical properties of finished cosmetic products. This means that perfumes and other cosmetic products contained in surlyn vials will not change their composition and properties.

Surlyn in the cosmetics industry – summary

Surlyn is a highly plastic material that allows you to create durable, elegant and eye-catching packaging for the cosmetics industry. Perfect for producing vials for perfumes, creams and other luxury cosmetics.

Lacquered surlyn packaging is cheap to produce and visually attractive to potential customers. It is an innovative raw material that has been used for many years primarily in the cosmetics industry, effectively reducing the production costs of cosmetic packaging, decorative elements and some items used by athletes.

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