Professional painting of plastics vs. "garage house"

It is not easy to choose a company to whom we will entrust liquid varnishing of materials – after all, we are handing over our product, which after painting acquires different visual and tactile properties. What should you pay attention to and how do companies that provide plastic painting services differ from each other?

Professional painting of plastics vs. “garage house”

There are two types of entities providing such services on the plastic painting market:

  • professional paint shops, with an organized structure, maintained technological and quality regime, working with professional equipment and appropriate conditions, often with automatic lines, regularly audited, ISO 9001:2015 certified,
  • home, “garage” paint shops that rely on manual painting, in basic conditions that often do not ensure optimal quality and efficiency.

Do the conditions described above affect the price? Yes and no – it depends on the project.

Costs of professional service and unit price

It is assumed that the higher the fixed costs, the higher the unit price. However, in the case of a painting service, other factors must be taken into account:

  • Painting using professional equipment and in appropriate conditions has a dramatic impact on the quality. An effective ventilation system, air purification, air conditioning, appropriate temperature control in the drying process, varnish dispensing pumps and many others – are key to maintaining the repeatability and quality of varnishing. It is cheaper to perform the service once and for all, instead of generating defects, correcting a large part of the parts and repainting them. Many garage companies not only do not properly calculate how much such corrections cost, but also do not realize that offering a low-quality service means a loss of image and a reduction in long-term cooperation with customers,
  • Production automation – obviously results in higher efficiency and quality. Of course, it involves additional costs – such as regular servicing of line components or more expensive spare parts, but there is an effect of scale and all costs incurred for a paint change are spread over 3-4 times more painted elements, which reduces the price,
  • Using higher quality varnishes – working with high-quality varnishes will pay off many times over: not only do we maintain color and gloss stabilization, but also the process technology once established can be maintained for subsequent productions, which eliminates problems and allows us to maintain efficiency and quality. The customer also receives tested coatings with appropriate resistances and the certainty that they will be maintained in each subsequent production. For a paint shop, the implementation of the project is often a higher cost, requiring the cooperation of several departments (technologist, quality, painter, assistant, implementer), and subsequent production, if it is carried out using the same, high-quality materials, is stable and requires only supervision, not work from scratch.
  • Standardization of processes based on ISO 9001:2015 requires organizing every process in the company and maintaining standards every day. This is confirmed by annual audits maintaining the validity of the certificate. The implementation of such a system is expensive, but in general it has a positive impact on the price of services, because the processes are characterized by low defects, high efficiency and overall customer satisfaction (confirmed by annual surveys).
  • A developed technology and quality supervision department – necessary to conduct efficient, optimized production based on high-quality services.

The most important thing is the scale effect. The more professionally the painting of plastics is done, the more permanent, long-term projects with high volumes, which allows you to cover fixed costs, so they do not have a significant impact on the unit price of the service.

Exceptions to the rule

There are projects that do not require high quality and are sometimes better suited for basic garage painting rather than professional painting. Example – painting candles. Neither high repeatability nor high quality or resistance of the coating is required here. Very cheap varnishes are usually used here, customers do not pay attention to the repeatability of color or repainting. The only criteria is price and delivery time.

However, most plastic painting services require quality, and appropriate infrastructure, staff and know-how are required to maintain it. In our industrial paint shop we have it all. Feel free to contact us!

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