Paint gun care – how to wash and maintain it?

In the work of every industrial and automotive painter, the most important activity after each completed job is to thoroughly wash and preserve the paint gun. Otherwise, the device could be damaged and the spray nozzles would remain clogged. Cleaning the paint gun is a basic activity that must be performed at the end of a painter’s working day. If you want to learn how to care for work tools in a paint shop, see our guide and find out how to clean your paint gun.

Cleaning paint guns – how to do it right? The most important tips in a nutshell

A paint gun is a tool that has direct contact with paint in liquid form – both inside and outside. This means that we must carry out thorough cleaning and maintenance after each use of the gun. Otherwise, damage to the equipment could occur. In practice, we wash the following components of paint guns:

  • spray cup,
  • spire,
  • spray nozzle.

Of course, under no circumstances should we clean paint guns with water! Such actions will simply be ineffective, and in addition, unprotected parts of the gun will begin to corrode over time. There could also be a problem of water scale appearing on the nozzle, which results in its clogging. It is worth bearing in mind that the spray gun is most often dirty from the outside, e.g. due to paint settling in the painting cup. Let’s also remember to:

  • gently unscrew all components of the spray gun,
  • do not mechanically clean the gun’s components, which could damage it – especially the firing pin,
  • initial washing usually starts by soaking the elements in a container with paint thinner or pouring the thinner into the gun cup and starting the spray.

How to clean a paint gun?

Before we start washing the spray gun, we must obtain the necessary accessories: brushes, fine-bristled brushes, cloths, stiff bristle brushes and wire. Additionally, we also recommend cleaning rods and needles for cleaning nozzles, which is especially useful in the case of heavily dirty and neglected paint guns. Under no circumstances should we use ultrasonic cleaners, rough brushes or files – this is the easiest way to completely damage the gun and the spray nozzle. According to the instructions attached to paint guns – do not soak the entire gun in the solvent. This could damage some parts of the tool, e.g. seals.

How to clean a paint gun – step by step

  • Remove any remaining paint from the gun’s tank.
  • Pour the solvent into the paint tank and start spraying with the gun. This will rinse out any paint residue remaining in the nozzle and spray cup. It is best to use a thinner dedicated to the paint that has just been used,
  • Then remove the needle, bleeder and fluid nozzle. These elements always require thorough cleaning,
  • Start cleaning the components with a brush and solvent. Never use wire brushes or sharp objects for this purpose.
  • Set the washed items aside to dry.
  • Once dry, twist the gun and that’s it. Finally, we recommend rinsing the nozzle and spray cup again with solvent – if it remains in circulation in modest amounts, it will not negatively affect the operation of the gun.

What about spray gun maintenance?

Spray guns should be maintained as often as possible. Maintenance work involves lubricating springs, threads and all moving elements that must work with maximum precision. We do not use grease in places that come into contact with the paint.

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