Optimal paint coating - price / quality

It is not an art to offer customers a standard painting service, the real challenge is to propose and implement a process that will best meet the criteria and be the most favorable in terms of quality/price ratio. In our industrial paint shop we know how to do it since we have over 20 years of experience. During this time we have covered hundreds of millions of products with various coatings. Based on such experience, we are able to take a holistic look at the final product and its production process and suggest where we see occasions for savings or significant added value at a low price.

When we have the opportunity to participate in a project from the concept phase, we advise for example :

– what type of material will be most beneficial for a given application. In addition to the standard indication of materials that do not require additional processes to obtain adhesion, we also advise which materials will work well when, for example, the final product is subjected to difficult conditions, such as high temperature, frequent contact with chemicals, salinity, intense sunlight, etc.

– how to adjust the shape of the interior of the part to avoid problems with its installation during the painting process with small changes – easy installation results in higher efficiency, which significantly influences the price. Additionally, we eliminate the risk of deformation of the part during the drying process,

– what to pay attention to in order to be able to paint without masking,

– will the planned color of the material affect the painting process and what is the most optimal color of the substrate for various effects of paint coatings (a color that is extremely different from the target color may mean a more expensive painting service by approx. 15-20%),

– what degree of mould polishing (according to the VDI/SDI scale) is best to easily achieve the desired visual and touch effect after painting,

– is it possible to varnish several parts at one time (for example – assembling some components before the varnishing process or varnishing smaller parts on twigs after the injection process), which significantly reduces the price and affects the perfect uniformity of the coating.

We also invite you to a meeting with us in our paint shop, during which the customer can see and touch approximately 200 different coatings and discuss which one would best meet their requirements. We advise you what to pay attention to, which coatings can be obtained in one layer, what resistance they will have and we determine the initial price. After the consultation, it often turns out that small changes have a very positive impact on the time-consuming painting processes, which has a direct impact on the final price.

Please contact us for a free consultation and painting trials.

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