In 2021, we launched a fully automated line for applying UV (light-cured) coatings. The line is dedicated to small elements (up to 150mm high/width), which are rotated around their own axis during the painting process. The whole is matched to the nut shapes (cosmetic packaging, household appliances knobs, furniture legs and handles) and other small elements (pens, drains, knobs and others).

UV varnishing - full automation

The process is fully automated. The details pass through the preparation zones (automatic blowing off, electrostatic charge neutralization, flaming), painting (3 sections with 3 spray guns in each, all settings entered into the painting program and automatically restored), pre-drying (under IR radiators) and curing (lamp zone UV).
Full repeatability thanks to the implementation of the process by starting the programmed processes of preparation, varnishing and hardening of the coating. Every parameter affecting repeatability and quality is automated, including the conditions in the coating and drying zone (temperature, humidity of these zones). Varnishes are also dispensed in an automatic system - Wagner pumps.
High efficiency thanks to building a painting line for a specific shape of a detail. The line has been designed strictly for small elements that are to be varnished in a rotary system, thanks to which each process parameter has been adapted to obtain the highest efficiency and the best quality for such dimensions and shapes. We focus on painting nuts, knobs, cosmetic packaging and other elements of similar shape.

Automated UV varnishing line

BIT industrial paint shop

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Project co-financed from European Funds entitled “Purchase of a varnishing line with software and extension of the hall in Ostroróg in order to implement an innovative varnishing technology.” The aim of the project is to increase the competitiveness of BIT on the Polish and foreign markets. Project co-financing from the EU: PLN 873,000.00.

The subject of the project was the introduction of innovative painting services through the implementation of the results of R&D works, the expansion of the hall and the purchase of a painting line and line control software. The purchased painting line is a fully automated spraying line with the functionality of drying with infrared (IR) radiators and hardening the surface with UV radiators.

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