We implement repetitive, high-volume projects on an automated painting line. We paint there both small details (nuts, electrical installation accessories) and larger dimensions (washing machine doors, elements of large household appliances).

Painting robot

The line is equipped with a Fanuc six-axis robot with a Wagner application. Paints are also dosed in an automated system. The elements are transported on the power & free Caldan conveyor. In addition, the line is equipped with a compressed air refinement system - ATE System Simple Paint.

The biggest advantage of the automated line is the repeatability of production. Each project requires programming of the painting robot and on this basis we create a separate, dedicated painting program. Each subsequent production is carried out on the basis of a saved program.
In addition, we became independent of weather conditions - the spray booth has air conditioning and humidity control, which is the basis for obtaining repeatability when spilling varnish.

An automated process usually brings higher production efficiency. This is also the case here. It happens that, due to the unusual shape of the parts, the efficiency is comparable to manual lines, but we still achieve lower production costs, and therefore a lower price for the customer, because fewer employees are involved in the automated process.


Fanuc / Wagner automated painting line

BIT industrial paint shop
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