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We want the customer to be able to convince themselves of our quality of varnishing before ordering services. We carry out free paint tests on details entrusted by the customer so that he can see, touch and check the resistance of our coatings on his product.

Painting trials

We collect information about the customer's needs - what are his expectations as to the appearance, touch, durability and other functional features of the paint coating. We ask what material the details are made of, in what conditions they will be used and what annual volumes and MOQ are forecast.

On this basis, we propose optimal solutions in terms of coating and type of varnishing (liquid painting, UV varnishes, automated or manual lines, metallization).

If the project assumes additional requirements - e.g. coatings that meet the requirements of the medical industry, skin touch, resistance to UV rays, resistance to various tests (chemical, scratches, coating hardness test, etc.) - we select paint products that have already been tested in this respect or we do these tests.

Na tej podstawie proponujemy optymalne rozwiązania pod kątem powłoki oraz rodzaju lakierowania (malowanie ciekłe, lakiery UV, linie zautomatyzowane lub ręczne, metalizacja).

Jeśli projekt zakłada dodatkowe wymogi - np. powłoki spełniające wymogi branży medycznej, skin touch, odporność na promienie UV, odporność na różnorodne testy (chemiczne, zadrapania, test twardości powłoki itp.) - dobieramy produkty lakiernicze, które są już pod tym kątem przetestowane lub przeprowadzamy takie testy.

Paint tests are supervised by three specialists - Technologist, Quality Specialist and Project Implementation Specialist. The test is performed on the target painting line by a selected group of painters or operators of an automated line. There is also the possibility of the customer's presence during the trials.

Each paint attempt is marked with a number and registered, with every detail written down - from the technology, through the effect obtained and the customer's assessment. Thanks to this, we can reproduce all conditions during the target production.

Details with varnish coatings undergo our internal quality control, and then we send them to the customer with a request for evaluation. If resistance tests are needed - they are performed by a Quality Specialist according to the Customer's guidelines or are commissioned to an external accredited laboratory.

On the basis of the tests, a varnishing pattern is selected (golden sample) and the final conditions for the quality acceptance of the detail are determined.

Based on the tests, we also create a valuation - having information about the consumption of varnishes, potential yields and other cost components, we are able to calculate the project and present a price offer for serial production.

After accepting the samples, price and information about the planned implementation of production in our paint shop, we prepare a technological and quality card, which is the basis for all activities related to this project.

See our projects divided into types of varnish coatings.

Lakierowanie zamszowe, powłoka aksamitna, metalik

Free paint trials and valuations.

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